What Clients Say About Our Pups!

Heather Shoup - Carol and John are amazing breeders! My husband and I spent a lot of time talking to GSD breeders from all over and Carol and John were by far the best. They are committed to their dogs. They stay current on all research and will offer advice. They are very professional yet caring. Carol is also a trainer so she knows how to handle the breed and knows who will make good GSD parents. THEIR DOGS ARE BEAUTIFUL! They are also all healthy and checked for good elbows and hips. We are honored that we get to be parents to one of their amazing pups.

Chad Allen - Carol is very knowledgeable about the breed. She really cares about her dogs and all of the puppies that leave. I've never met a breeder so professional and willing to communicate and share her knowledge with people. And her dogs are top notch too. I couldn't be happier with my boy Koda who is now 8 months old. I'm very hard to please. And he's exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend Geisterwolfe Shepherds over any other breeder. 5 star rating for sure.

Lauren Giangrande - Highly recommend! This was our first experience in looking for a dog to add to our family. We were lucky enough to find Carol & John! They are responsible breeders who put endless time and effort into their puppies, as well as the owners education. They ensure that their puppies are placed in proper homes with the right resources for their dogs. Every step of the way, from before the litter was born, to the day they were born and each milestone- we were updated and able to see the litter grow and interact with each other. We took home our first puppy a few weeks ago and we couldn't be happier. He is sweet, energetic, loving, healthy and beautiful. Easy to housebreak and train (clearly the groundwork was there!). In addition, Carol is always available for questions, advice, and just to keep in touch about her puppies! We are thrilled to have Gunther in our family and to be apart of Geisterwolfe Shepherds.

J. Wert – We had a great experience with Geisterwolfe Shepherds. Our pup is now 10 months old and has the best temperment of any dog I’ve owned. Mo and his litter mates are beautiful, healthy dogs. I think Carol is a very honest and caring breeder, focused on breeding healthy dogs with great dispositions. She has a lot of knowledge and shares that with her customers. I highly recommend Geisterwolfe if you sre looking for a happy, healthy companion German Shepherd.


Missy Beers - Carol and John are absolutely wonderfulI have 2 German Shepherds from them ( I had never dealt with a breeder before)The experience was wonderful they are so caring and loving to all of their dogs and puppies they are treated like familyWhen you purchase one of their puppies or an older female you become familyTheir breeding program is very well thought out and the results you can really see in their puppiesI go over often to play with the puppies and I am always welcomeSo if you are looking for a top notch dog look no furtherJust a little added note don’t limit yourself to male or female-let the puppy choose you♥️♥️

Miguel Martinez - We purchase out German Shepherd from Geisterwolfe Shepherds and we are super happy with Sergeant. Carol and her husband were very informative and helpful throughout the entire process. They are very knowledgeable about the breed and answered all our questions. Its about to be a year and we are always in contact. When you purchase a puppy from Geisterwolfe Shepherds you become part of Geisterwolfe Shepherds family. Thank you again for everything.

Kayci Brosky - I have two gorgeous long haired shepherds from Geisterwolfe Shepherds and visit their puppies as often as I can. Words cannot describe the incredible temperaments of these angels. Geisterwolfe Shepherds takes wonderful care of their puppies and I would recommend their breeding program to anyone. They are the best of the best!

Jason G - This is our first German Shepard and I have to say it has been the best experience ever! Carol and John are truly amazing breeders and it shows in their dogs

Stephanie Flank – We adopted our first German Shepherd puppy from Geisterwolfe. We had visited a couple of other breeders before deciding on Geisterwolfe, but no one had provided the level of care and support as Carol. Her pups are beautiful and have the BEST temperaments. Best of all, Carol has been so responsive and available, both, before picking up our puppy and after. She has been working with this breed for a long time and is always happy to provide us with insight and support. It’s evident that she genuinely cares for each litter and the families whom they go home to.

Laura Brown - I have known this dog breeder/trainer for over 15 years. She is honest, knowledgeable and kind. She has lovingly rescued dogs and is now determined to breed superior German Shepherds. She will succeed. If you want the best, fully vetted, guaranteed German Shepherd, check out her new litter of beautiful puppies. Their are well adjusted and have lovely temperaments. I have been watching them grow. They are awesome!!!

Sandra Alvarez – I can only say good things about them. We got our long coated female GSD from them 6 months ago. Not only she is gorgeous but she is also a very sweet girl, there’s nothing she loves more than expending time with us. Very loyal. She is also in perfect health. She is a very large strong dog, fast an agile. She is extremely smart. It is pretty easy to train her, she learns new concepts quickly.I think we got the perfect dog, with a perfect mix of qualities. I believe any of these dogs would excel at any task you teach them as well as being a sweet loyal companion when treated with love and respect.

In adition to how awesome our puppy is, Carol is an amazing responsible breeder. It is easy to see how much she cares about her puppies. She has always been willing to teach me anything I needed to know and even though it’s been already six months she still happily answering my hundreds of questions. She is also up to date with all the science and has a great knowledge of everything related with the GSD breed.

If you truly want an extraordinary dog I would highly recommend getting it from them. For any future puppies I will definitely do!