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Geisterwolfe Shepherds

Here at Geisterwolfe Shepherds we strive to produce wonderful family pets that can be the multi-purpose dogs that the German Shepherd was designed to be. We have carefully selected dogs with very specific strengths. We have worked with breeders that have the same values as we have and successfully built a small breeding program to fit our vision.  We strive for wonderful, loving temperaments without any of the problematic behaviors people don’t want to see in their pet or working dog.  When raised properly our dogs have no aggression issues with other dogs, no food or toy or treat aggression. They are highly intelligent, trainable and sociable without the really high drive that most pet owners do not want. However, they are still high quality German Shepherds that have enough drive to do most anything that a family would desire, such as competitive obedience, sport, herding, therapy, search and rescue, service work, etc.  Our dogs are all health tested, as our goal is to produce the healthiest pups possible.  All the parents have had their hips and elbows tested and are genetically tested to eliminate the possibility of  DM.  Our pups are raised in the house and are exposed to many different, everyday sights, sounds, surfaces and situations that makes for more stable temperaments as they grow. As our breeding program is small we are able to devote all of our time to our beautiful pups so that their new families will have a seamless transition from our home to yours. They are handled and given love and affection from the day they are born.  They will be started on potty training, as well as crate training. We feed a high quality food so which ever feeding system you use, they will have an easier time adjusting.

Pups will be given their first vaccinations as deemed appropriate by age and will be dewormed several times before going to live with their new families.  All pups see a vet for their health certificate before they go to their new families and are microchipped for their future safety.  See Contracts and Applications for more information on our health guarantee and policies.

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