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Character and Pedigree Information

Buffy od Gradica Zaza aka Beo (Beowulfe)

Beo was offered to us to be the diamond in the crown of our breeding program. A diamond he is. Beo is a large, long coat, import from Serbia that has incredible temperament, structure, color and luxurious black and red coat. He had excellent PennHip scores and is DM free. He is the son of two top show line dogs in Serbia and surrounding countries.

Beo is very attentive to his people and loves his dog pack, including his little 5 lb. Chihuahua sister. We believe Beo would excel at anything you task him to, but just love to watch his loving nature in action. We have high hopes for his progeny as we believe he will pass his great looks, superb temperament and solid nerve to his offspring and make their future people very happy.

Rieka vom Haus Geisterwolfe

Rieka was born here and is the daughter of one of our now retired girls, Secret.  Rieka is also sired by Beowulf, our main man!  This girl has it all…health, beautiful rich coloring, long coat, size and great temperament!  We named her Rieka because it means Queen of the Wolves, as well as peace keeper and a couple of other things.  But, Queen fits her very well.  She is very composed and knows what she wants.  We have high hopes for what she will add to our breeding program. She inherited her mother’s super balanced, even temperment and structure, as well as Beo’s size and calm, patient attitude.  If you are interested in a future Geisterwolfe pup, she’s one to watch!




Bella Luna Vom Haus Patchwork aka Luna

This little sable beauty is the Belle of the Ball!! She has it all health, beauty, brains and temperament to die for. She is the referee and peace keeper in our house. If anyone squeaks wrong she’s right there, if someone is sad she’s right there. She’s the welcome wagon and velcro dog of our little pack. As with all of our shepherds she’s always ready to go on a walk, hike or a trip to Home Depot or Lowes. She loves to train and learn new things. We believe her progeny will have the sweetest temperaments of all. If you want a love bug, her babies should fit the bill.

Ivy Vom Tropisch

We were very fortunate to have obtained a lovely, black beauty in our Ivy. Her coat is luxurious, thick and plush and solid black. She has the structure of a working line dog. Her ancestry is Czechosloviakian working line with many champion dogs in her pedigreee. She is sweet as can be with friends, and other dogs and a total snuggle bug with her family, but she’s all business when she needs to be. Ivy is very intelligent and catches on to things very quickly. I believe she will bring all good things to her progeny….strength, dark beauty, and intelligence!

Yetta Haus Guard

Yetta came to us from Poland.  Her quality and fabulous temperament were evident from the minute she arrived.  She has beautiful, correct structure, lovely head and gorgeous red and black coat.  This little beauty was composed and friendly, even after her long journey here.  She fit right into the pack without any problem at all.  She has produced beautiful progeny and we are proud to be able to provide quality homes with her fabulous pups.  She is an excellent, attentive mother and that helps produce balanced pups.  Yetta is a part of the Geisterwolfe family and totally fits into our vision of what a German Shepherd should be.   We look forward to carrying her great genetics into the future.

Leupold Vom Haus Geisterwolfe

Leupold (Leu) is the handsome son of our very own Beo and Luna.  As we watched Leupold grow it became evident he was a great choice to pass on Beo and Luna’s wonderful genes.  He’s not just a pretty face, lol!  Leu inherited his parent’s excellent temperaments!  He’s intelligent, kind and exactly the type of German Shepherd any family would be proud to include in their human pack.  He is structurally sound and well put together.  He inherited his father’s impressive head and his calm disposition and his mother’s sweet and affectionate ways.  But don’t you worry, he would protect his family if need be.  We are looking forward to progeny from this very special young man.  

Leopold Vom Haus Geisterwolfe

Leopold (Leo) is what every breeder strives for!  This gorgeous boy brings new blood to our well established lines.  He is the son of European champion Axon Borawska Zagroda.  Leo’s mom is non other than our very own beautiful, graceful Yetta Haus Guard.  He has inherited the very best attributes from his parents and boasts a very balanced, correct and sweet temperament, but also great structure and a very gorgeous long, rich, red and black coat! These lines bring not only beauty but champion attributes of some of the most famous European champions in the last few generations.  Champions that proudly boast not only many championship titles, but very long and healthy lives.  Leo is a very social and well adjusted pup, born here with us and raised by his wonderful family.  Now that he’s had his pre-breeding testing done, we look forward to having him stand at stud for some of the special beauties in our breeding program.  Stay tuned for news on future breedings with this guy!

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