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Carol Dimino offers training for dogs of all ages and phases of their lives.  From the 8 week old puppy to the mature dogs that need to learn some new behaviors or manners.

Current class schedule::Puppy class is ongoing on Saturday mornings at 11:00.

Basic Obedience class is 8 weeks long:

Session 1 starts June 13, 2023 @ 6:30 p.m.  $240.00

Evaluation before being accepted into obedience classes is required.  If necessary private lessons can be obtained.  $75.00 per lesson. 1 hour sessions.

Please call Carol at 570-517-4488 for more information or to sign up.

Are now being offered at WE “R” WILD pet, 
supply store, 643 Interchange Rd, Kresgeville, PA 18333.  (610) 681-4117.  Cost:  six sessions – $160, one make-up session permitted.  I am offering puppy training classes for pups from 12 to 24 weeks of age at the beginning of their sign-up.  Pups must have veterinary proof of at least the first two core vaccines – DAPP/DHPP.  The classes will be structured as a rolling format, therefore, pups can join at any time and will not have to wait for the next class to start.  Very often a pup will age-out before the next session starts.  I believe that the developmental stage from 8-24 weeks is very important and it is crucial to expose pups to different stimuli and to be taught correctly from the beginning.  It is much easier to create good behaviors than it is to correct bad behaviors.  

The classes will focus on introduction to basic obedience, house breaking, crate training, and teaching the handler good, solid training concepts that they can apply throughout the dogs life.  Puppy classes give the pups a safe environment for learning, socialization and being exposed to new stimuli.  Some pups will come to class with a foundation already and some will need to learn everything.  As for the pups that already have a foundation, the classes will provide a great environment for the teams that are already somewhat advanced to practice what they know in a safe and fun environment and for sure you will learn a thing or two along the way ;-).  PLEASE DO NOT FEED YOUR PUP THE MORNING OF CLASS.  Our best chance at success is a hungry puppy so the food training is more valuable.  Unless you have a tiny toy breed, skipping breakfast will not harm your pup.

SUPPLIES NEEDED TO START:  6 foot leash, leather or nylon – NON-RETRACTABLE, flat collar, a mat or pad to practice the “place” command, a couple of the pup’s favorite toys, soft treats that the pup loves and can eat a lot of without getting an upset stomach, a personal water bowl (there is fresh tap water available at our facility), a treat holder that you can wear or attach to you on a belt or other method, an open mind and a positive attitude! 🙂
Since our facility is attached to a pet supply store, some of the needed items will be available to purchase should you need something for class.

We will always use the gentlest methods allowed by the dogs drive and temperament.  There are many tools at our disposal and the training methods will always rely heavily on positive reinforcement, but not excluding training collars when necessary.  The goal is to make your relationship with your dog safe and fun.

Upon occasion there will be, what I like to call, “Out and About” sessions.  These sessions are casual group meetings for the purpose of practicing what you and your dog have learned.  We will meet at local parks, stores that allow dogs, and other places as permitted by weather and permission such as outdoor seating at restaurants.  They are part of your training package and there is no additional fee.  I schedule them when I think the most people can make it.  I find Sunday afternoons to be good for most people, however, there may be other days available as well.  These sessions are not play groups.  They are designed to allow you to practice manners and safe navigation of the world outside of your home and property with like minded individuals and your trainer.

You may only need one or two lessons or you may need multiple lessons and that will be determined upon the evaluation we will have at WE “R” WILD.  An evaluation will cost $35.  If you commit to a training program at that time the evaluation fee will become part of your training fee and be considered an non-refundable deposit.  The cost of your personalized program with depend on many factors, including how many lessons are committed to.



I began my training journey in 2006.  At that time I had a pack of rescue dogs.  My desire to help dogs who were in shelters and rescues that needed a little extra help to be adoptable drove me to search for a trainer’s program.  I found what I was looking for and ended up going through my education and apprenticing at a facility for 6 months.  After I finished I started to take on clients and enjoyed training dogs of all ages and with all types of issues.  After training for some time I realized that many people were choosing to purchase E-collars (electronic a/k/a shock collars) and were using them incorrectly, so once again, I went in search of a program to help me learn how to train with this tool correctly.  I attended a two week trainer’s program with a world renowned E-collar trainer, Robin MacFarlane of That’s My Dog.  At that time I was a member of a Schutzhund club and was in the process of titling my two high-drive working dogs.  My dogs and I accomplished the BH level and were working on the Schutzhund 1 title when a family member became ill and I had to care for them.  I learned so much in the time I was training with the club and had friends that introduced me to many aspects of dog training.  For a time I had a successful train and board program which I eventually discontinued to go in another direction with my career.

Please call or text Carol at 570-517-4488 or email at to set up a consultation.  Thank you for considering us for your training needs.

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